The average American household spent $7,700 in 2015 on household products that have not been made or sold by the manufacturer, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    And according to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers, that number is set to rise to $19,700 by 2020.

    “You’re going to see this kind of increase in the next year,” said Andrew Kliman, director of product quality at the Association of American Manufacturers.

    “It’s going to be bigger than that, but the numbers will be similar.”

    The consumer protection groups say the real problem is not a lack of manufacturers, but that the supply chain has been left in shambles.

    “Manufacturers are not able to supply the products we need in a timely fashion,” said Matthew Hickey, vice president for consumer safety at the National Federation of Independent Business.

    “There are no quality control systems in place.”

    A recent study from the International Association of Machinery and Textile Manufacturers found that manufacturers in Mexico are often more lax in the quality of their products than they are in the United States.

    The group’s study, conducted in 2016, found that over 60 percent of the goods in the U.S. were manufactured in Mexico and only 3 percent in the world’s top five manufacturers.

    The manufacturers were found to have much higher production times and shorter turnaround times than in the countries that produced them.

    In contrast, U.K. and Germany produce their goods in factories with longer production times than the U., U.A.C. and other organizations that have been tracking the supply chains of goods for decades.

    “The supply chain is not designed to be flexible,” Hickey said.

    “What’s being produced is usually the same in all of these countries.

    It’s the supply side, not the quality side, that’s the problem.”

    The report cited the lack of proper quality controls in Mexico as the main reason why the country produces so many counterfeit instruments.

    Manufacturers use fake suppliers to get their products to market.

    The makers also use fake names and phony labels to mislead consumers.

    “We are getting reports that the counterfeiters are using names like ‘Alfa’ or ‘Asteris’ to make it seem as though they are making products in Mexico,” said Chris Gartland, a spokesman for the National Motor Vehicle Safety Foundation.

    “They are actually making things that they are not.”

    The groups are calling for the government to introduce a system of certification that would require manufacturers to prove they are using quality control measures.

    “In the case of counterfeiters, it would be very important for the companies to have these requirements,” said Hickey.

    “If there are some serious problems, then the government has a responsibility to take action.”

    But the real solution is not to rely on fake manufacturers.

    “Consumers have been exposed to these products before,” Gartion said.

    “I think the most effective way to combat counterfeiters is through proper regulation and better standards,” Hicke said.

    The companies that make the products that Americans buy have a responsibility as well to be responsible.

    “I think we need to start looking at the manufacturers.

    We need to look at the companies that are doing business in this country.

    We have to be doing our part.

    We don’t have to go out and buy counterfeit products.”


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