By Lauren B. Davis, Associated PressThe first Gulfstream G550 jet that took off on Tuesday morning from a Florida airport is the first aircraft to be built by the state-run aerospace company, United Technologies.

    It was the first Gulfwind plane to land on Florida property since a commercial plane crashed into a Florida swamp last month.

    The company’s new plane, called the G550-E, is the most technologically advanced plane in the world, according to United Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer Robert W. Bell, a Florida native.

    The G550 is designed to fly the world’s first super-long-range passenger jet, which is also the largest in the U.S.

    The plane’s new engines are more powerful than the one on the Gulfstream, Bell said.

    It has a new super-duper-strong carbon-fiber composite composite, which provides more strength than aluminum and carbon fiber.

    The G550’s cabin will have two high-definition displays.

    The first is a 7-inch touch screen.

    The second is a 13-inch curved touch screen, with a touch pad that can be used for navigation and a touch-sensitive screen that shows flight plans and other data.

    The touch screen can be configured to show the current altitude and time.

    The aircraft’s fuel consumption is expected to be 30 percent less than the average jet.

    The engines are about a third of the cost of the Boeing 757, which was built by Pratt & Whitney.

    The airline is looking for new planes with a new engine that is a better performance in low-to-mid-level traffic.

    It also wants to replace older planes with newer ones.

    The Gulfstream plane will be flown from Florida to the Gulf of Mexico.

    The plane will fly at a cruising speed of about 3,000 feet per minute.

    The U.A.E. plane is expected take off on Monday and land on Tuesday, Bell told reporters on a conference call Tuesday.

    The next flight to the coast will take place Wednesday, he said.

    The new plane is the latest U.E.-made plane to make the journey to Florida, Bell added.

    The company has been operating out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., since it started its operation in 2008.

    United Technologies also has two other aircraft in Florida, the G650-C and the G750-E.

    The new planes will be used to fly smaller passenger jets for smaller airlines and to fly in international airspace.

    The U.T. planes will fly on the same routes as the Gulf Stream.

    The aircraft will be powered by a twin-fuel turbofan engine.

    The airplane is expected on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach, Fla.

    The first flights of the new planes are scheduled for later this year.

    The planes have not been fully tested, Bell announced.

    The Gulfstreams first flight will be a commercial flight.

    The planes will carry 1,000 passengers, Bell revealed.

    The passengers will be allowed to take off and land in Florida on the G.I. Joe theme park, and will also be able to board and disembark the planes at their hotels in the state.

    The jets will be leased to airlines by United Technologies’ AirTran subsidiary.

    United has been selling the planes in Florida for about a decade.

    The Florida Department of Transportation said Tuesday it was looking into the flight and the possibility of having a new jet used to carry people to and from the Florida Keys.


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