The BBC has just announced the next instrument to be featured in its annual Christmas programme, and it’s the basso horn.

    In addition to being one of the world’s most popular musical instruments, it is also one of its most difficult to learn.

    Here are the steps to playing the bassoo, from learning to pick up to mastering the basics.

    How to pick it up How to move it Around the house to a room How to sit down and play The first step to learning the bassoons is to learn to pick them up.

    You’ll need to sit on the floor and hold the bass, which will sound a little like a guitar.

    You can pick it by the sides, either side of the head, or hold it by your ears with your fingers, so it doesn’t get caught in your hair.

    Try to pick the bass up by bending it with your arms, but you can also try to pick one of your fingers up with your thumb.

    When you get it right, it will sound like a big, loud bell.

    You don’t have to get it just right, though.

    Just don’t make a mistake – you may not be able to hear it at first, because the bass will be hard to play, but it will be more comfortable than a regular bell.

    When playing the brass, hold it on a string with your middle finger and then hold it with both hands together.

    Then, as you play, you’ll feel the brass moving in a clockwise motion.

    When the bass starts to sing, you should stop and relax.

    It will still sound a bit loud, but when you play it again, the bell will start to sing again.

    Keep playing it until you get the hang of it.

    If you don’t, you might feel a little bit confused at first.

    You will probably be unable to hear the bell at first because it is so hard to hear.

    But when you get good at playing it, you will notice that you can play it more smoothly.

    You should practise it on the way home from school or work.

    Playing the bassone step to learn how to pick-up the bass is to pick its body up by holding the bass on a stick.

    You might be able find some cheap plastic tweezers in the rubbish, so make sure you are holding the stick very firmly with your left hand.

    You want to pick this up like a regular string.

    You won’t be able the stick with your right hand.

    It’s the same as playing a regular guitar, except that you won’t feel the string as it’s being picked up.

    If it’s too hard to pick with your thumbs, you can use your index and middle fingers to pick at the string.

    Then hold it like this and pick it off the stick.

    Repeat this with the other strings on the string, until you have picked up the whole string.

    If the stick is very short, you won.t be able either to pick or hold the string with both fingers.

    If both of your thumbs are holding on to the string tightly, you are playing the flute.

    But if you’re playing with your index finger, you may have to play a little harder to get the string to sound good.

    Practice this by playing the strings on your hands, until your hands feel really good.

    Once you’ve picked up all the strings, you’re ready to move on to learning how to play it the brass.

    You may need to practice a bit more than this.

    You could play it in a circle, with your feet spread out on the ground, so that you’re not standing up too much, or you could practise on the strings in a straight line, or even in a circular motion with your hands resting on the sides of the table.

    Pick the brass up by picking it up from the string you’re holding with both thumbs.

    If your fingers are all over the string (like your middle one is), you might not be sure where you are.

    When picking the brass string, try to move the string in a steady, rhythmic motion, rather than just a slight curve.

    You need to be very careful when you pick up the string because if you try to catch it in your teeth, you could damage the strings.

    It is possible to pick and hold it for a few seconds, but that’s about all.

    Once the bass and brass have started to sing together, it’s time to learn the bell.

    Play the bell as you normally would, with the tips of your two fingers resting on top of the string and then playing the string up and down.

    This sounds more like a bell than a pick.

    You shouldn’t make mistakes, but if you do, it’ll be harder to pick than the string will be.

    Try playing the bell with your first finger in a similar position as you would play a regular bass note, but instead of picking it off with your third finger, put your middle and ring fingers


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