The most expensive instrument on the planet has to be the viola.

    The price of a $500 instrument in the United States, for instance, will set you back $16,945.

    This includes the instrument’s cost of materials and labor, plus a cost of transportation to and from the manufacturer’s factory in China.

    That’s $9,500 for the entire instrument, and the actual cost of the violin can vary widely.

    For example, the instrument sold in the U.S. for $14,500 will run you about $3,600 to manufacture.

    And for an instrument like the $7,500 “felipeño” (viola) from the Fondation de Fondantes de Línea (FDL), the instrument will set your bill at $11,000, according to a recent report.

    Even a low-priced, inexpensive instrument like this can cost upwards of $50,000.

    The second most expensive violin is the piano.

    While the price of these instruments varies widely, the one we’re talking about is the $10,000 “piano by M.C.A.L.” from the M. C. A. L. Co., a company that’s best known for producing the Ponte Vecchio.

    This instrument was produced by MCL’s “M.

    C A.L. Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.,” which was founded in 1928 and was originally called “MCL Music Instruments.”

    While the instrument was once called a “pianist’s instrument,” the company changed its name in 2014.

    For the $9-plus price of the instrument, it’s one of the most affordable instruments on the market.

    And you won’t pay that much for one.

    While there are many inexpensive pianos out there, we’re going to focus on the most popular ones, which is why we’re using the word “pistol.”

    If you’re looking for a high-quality instrument that’s also inexpensive, you’re in luck.

    For $9.95, you can get the “Sauro” from “Sauer” or “Cazador” by MCR Music.

    While we can’t guarantee that the violin you’re considering is going to be one of these two, we can tell you that they are very popular.

    But even if you don’t want to pay much for your instrument, we’ve got the tips to help you get a deal.

    The final violin on the list is the “pichu,” which is a very rare violin from the late 19th century that was designed to be played in a concert hall.

    In a world of electronic music, it can sound like a huge bargain if you’re willing to part with your hard-earned cash.

    The violin is about $8,000 to $10k, and it comes with a set of keys and a string for a little over $10K.

    If you want a nice piece of jewelry for your violin, you might want to consider the “gothic chandelier.”

    This instrument costs about $7K to produce, but it’s a pretty good deal for a piece of art.

    You’ll be able to play this piece for a few years and you’ll be pretty sure that you’re not going to get a lot of use out of it.


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