A digital war is under way in the West Bank, as Israel has deployed thousands of new drones that can fly silently over the Palestinian territories.

    Ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the West, which is being described as an opportunity for the Israeli leader to show that his policies are working, the Israeli military said it had deployed “a total of 20,000 drones” that could be used against “terrorists, terrorists, incitement and incitement.”

    The Israeli military had earlier said that it had used drones to monitor the activities of the Palestinian militant group Hamas and to shoot down two Palestinian unmanned aircraft.

    Hamas has repeatedly claimed responsibility for the recent rocket attacks on Israeli cities and has vowed to continue to wage war against Israel.

    The IDF has said that the drones will not interfere with operations by Israeli troops, and they will only be used for targeted drone attacks against Palestinians.

    Israeli Prime Minister and defense minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the nation from the State of the Israel-Palestine address, which will be broadcast live on the television.

    It is expected that the prime minister will be asked to make a direct appeal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the two-state solution.

    The Palestinian leader has said he will not accept a two-states-for-two peoples.

    Israel has been under pressure from the United States and other countries to curb the growth of its drone fleet and is also preparing for the start of a new era of warfare with its enemies.

    On Sunday, the IDF said it will begin using drones against Hamas militants, but would not elaborate on the type of drone.

    A drone can carry out a variety of surveillance missions including the identification of targets and firing missiles, and the drones can fly at speeds of up to 30km/h.

    Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has previously expressed concern over the development of the drone technology and said that “if we cannot defend ourselves against the threat of terrorism, then the only way we will have a chance to defend ourselves is to make sure that we are able to defend our citizens from terrorism.”


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