Google’s new iPhone app allows users to easily find and play songs by genre and by artist.

    The app lets users download a playlist, and the music will be played automatically in their chosen audio player or device.

    “We’re making it really easy for you to discover music,” said Nicky Campbell, general manager of the Apple Music Music service.

    “It’s really easy to create a playlist on the iPhone and listen to music.

    We want to get people to use the app, and that’s the way we do it.”

    “We have to be very careful to make sure that we don’t put the user at risk of losing their music.

    If you don’t use this app, you’re probably going to lose the songs.”

    Apple Music users can now play the music they want directly on their devices.

    The service allows users who have access to Apple’s servers to share the music with other users, and also lets users search the music database for songs they may have already listened to.

    “Music is one of the most important aspects of a great life.

    We love that people are discovering music,” Campbell said.

    “This is really a way for people to do that.”

    For a fee, users can then pay for the music, either by buying a physical CD or downloading it.

    The music can be stored in a “digital library”, which Apple Music customers can access with their mobile device.

    The iTunes Store has been redesigned and expanded to offer a wider selection of music, and now offers many more genres and artists.

    Apple Music is also adding support for artists that have previously only been available on other services, including Pandora.

    For instance, Spotify now allows users of its streaming service to purchase a music subscription, and Pandora now allows artists to upload tracks to their website for download.

    “The more you’re doing on Apple Music, the more people we can reach,” Campbell added.

    “So it’s important to us that people find this service.”


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