When it comes to instrumentation, the future of music is likely to be more musical than it was at the start of the 21st century.

    The technology is already on the way and it’s here to stay.

    The world’s musicians have already been using it for years to record and produce music.

    Now, with the advent of streaming services, they’re using it to make their music.

    And there are more and more instruments and musicians using the technology to make music for free.

    So where do we go from here?

    Here are some of the key trends in instrumentation in 2018: Instrumentation is becoming more versatile and efficient The instrument has become more versatile.

    We’ve got more and better microphones and sound systems, and we’re getting better at recording and recording digitally.

    This is going to change the way we record, and make our music sound better and better.

    Instruments have also become more efficient.

    With computers, engineers are able to take a few seconds to set up a microphone, which then plays the sound as it comes in.

    This enables engineers to get more precise and precise.

    There are a lot of microphones and audio processing chips that are built into the instrument that have been optimised for this.

    We’re going to see more instruments being built with these technologies.

    Instrumentation and technology are also improving at a faster rate than ever before.

    The number of instruments being recorded has increased dramatically, and now the majority of recordings are being made in digital format.

    The use of digital recording is increasing by the day.

    In the next couple of years, we’re going the route of recording instruments with digital software, or using cloud recording, to make sure we don’t lose the quality of the recording.

    And that’s a big change from the way it was before.

    This has been the biggest shift in music technology in the past 30 years.

    The internet has changed everything about music and recorded music has changed forever.

    The digital revolution is the way that music will change forever.

    There’s no doubt that digital recording and processing has improved the way musicians make music, but the digital revolution will also give us a better and more flexible recording medium.

    Instruments are becoming more affordable Instruments have become more affordable.

    We now live in an era where you can buy a pair of cheap guitars for under £200.

    Instruments that cost £400 to £700 can now be had for less than £100.

    The price of instruments is going down with each new generation of technology, and as a result we can now buy a new pair of guitars for £600 or less.

    Instrument instruments are more flexible instruments have become much more versatile instrument manufacturers have also been able to make more instruments than ever.

    This means that musicians have access to more instruments, as well as a greater variety of instruments that they can make and use.

    Instruments will become more useful with more musicians There are so many instruments that musicians will want to make that the industry has now reached a saturation point.

    If you have a lot, you can always go and buy new ones.

    But if you have an instrument that you’ve been using for a while and you want to take it on tour, you’ll probably want to try something new.

    There will also be a huge demand for instruments to play live.

    There has been a huge surge in interest in making live instruments, and in fact we’re seeing more and larger venues hosting live music in the future.

    The demand for live music is a massive shift from when we were making CDs.

    We used to sell CDs, and people would buy one for $100, or $200, or even $400, and they would buy a few albums and maybe a few tracks to go with it.

    But the demand for an instrument is now so big, there are so few CDs out there that it’s a lot more difficult to meet that demand.

    We also have to consider that instruments are now being used for a variety of purposes.

    You might use an instrument as a percussion instrument for your guitar to really drive home a note, or you might use it as a synthesizer to play a melody or a chord, or for other effects.

    You could even use an acoustic instrument to do your vocals.

    Instrument sounds are also getting more realistic The instruments are getting more accurate and realistic, with instruments being used as acoustic instruments or electronic instruments.

    This will also change how instruments are used.

    Instrument sound is becoming much more complex, and is getting easier to create.

    We have instruments that have become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years, such as synthesizers, which are getting much more powerful, and also more sophisticated, and are more capable of making more complex sounds.

    But we’re also seeing more instruments that are making use of the technology that we’re creating.

    And instrument sounds are becoming much, much more realistic.

    Instrument manufacturers are also trying to find new uses for instruments Instrument makers are increasingly looking to make instruments that can be used for the production of music.

    There is a huge market for making instruments


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