More than half of the world’s languages are under threat of extinction, with at least one out of four disappearing from speakers’ vocabulary, according to a study released Thursday.

    The Global Language Project, a global initiative to find languages that are in trouble, has found that the number of languages in danger has risen from 4.5 million in 2013 to nearly 6 million by 2020, and that the threat has increased by over 40 percent over the last decade.

    The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, shows that languages are disappearing as more and more people leave the country.

    “In 2017, the world lost about half a billion languages,” said James H. Smith, a professor of linguistics at University of Toronto and the co-author of the report.

    “That’s a very dramatic decline.

    By 2020, we will lose the language we are speaking today.”

    The study is the first of its kind, and it does not include languages spoken by non-native speakers.

    In fact, there are more languages spoken worldwide today than at any point since the 1950s, the report shows.

    The report includes languages spoken in more than 40 countries, and the researchers did not consider a large group of languages, such as Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil, which are spoken mainly in India and Sri Lanka.

    The data shows that more than half the world is in danger of losing its native languages, and most of the losses are due to language loss, said Smith.

    “People are just not doing the job of speaking their language,” he said.

    Language loss is happening because of language competition with globalisation and globalization is increasing, said Adam Todaro, a linguist and co-founder of the Global Language Initiative.

    “There is more competition for resources in the world today than ever before,” Todaros said.

    “The number of people who are fluent in their native language is rapidly decreasing.

    It’s really about the lack of a common language.”

    In addition to language competition, globalisation has caused a dramatic shift in how languages are spoken.

    “It’s a cultural phenomenon that we’re witnessing,” Smith said.

    He noted that languages have changed dramatically in the last century.

    “You have to go back to the first European settlement of North America, when the language was not spoken.

    That was before European settlement,” Smith noted.

    In 18th century Europe, languages such as French and German were spoken mostly by the nobility, and not by the working classes.

    “When the industrial revolution happened in the 20th century, English was spoken by the middle classes,” Smith explained.

    “That changed, in large part because of the Industrial Revolution, and then because of immigration,” Smith added.

    In recent decades, however, languages are being spoken by younger people, who are more educated, and are moving to cities to work.

    “People are moving out of the city, they’re moving out to more urban areas.

    That’s what’s happening with the decline of languages,” Smith told CBC News.

    “There’s an increasing number of immigrants and refugees coming to Canada.”

    The Global Linguistic Atlas is a project of the International Language Alliance, which aims to identify the languages that have been the subject of the most research, to identify and preserve them.

    “Languages are disappearing, they are disappearing from the speakers’ repertoires and their vocabulary, and their knowledge base,” Smith observed.

    “We have to do a lot to preserve the languages we speak.”

    For more information about the Global Languagata, visit:


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