In an era when we’ve seen many amazing Christmas songs, the best one we can find is by Swedish band Christmastime.

    The band’s music, which is based on songs sung in church services and recited to the living, is as good as it gets.

    Check out our top 10 Christmas songs from Sweden below.


    Santa Claus Claus is Here, Part 2 (Vestå) by Christmastimes (Södertälje)The Swedish band’s song is a perfect Christmas anthem, with a catchy beat and catchy lyrics.

    The song’s lyrics, which include a Christmas tree, presents a happy ending to the story, with the narrator telling us that the new year will bring “good news and joy to everyone”.


    Santa’s Little Helper (Visto) by Tundra (Lisbon)The singer and guitarist of Tundre’s new album Tundro, Tundras song is catchy, with its lyrics featuring Christmas cards, and the music is as festive as the song.


    Merry Christmas, Father Christmas (Svenska) by Misfit and The Bends (Berlin)Misfit’s song “Merry Christmas, Dad Christmas” is the perfect Christmas song for any family, and a perfect fit for the holiday season.

    The lyrics are festive and uplifting, and have a Christmas feeling to them.


    Happy Holidays (Häggläs) by St. Kilda (Stockholm)The new St.

    Kilda album Hägglis is one of the most upbeat and catchy Christmas songs you’ll hear this year, and its catchy beat is perfect for any Christmas party.


    The Christmas Song (Drei) by The Lonely Hearts Club Band (Berlins)The song is perfect, and it will be sung at every Christmas party this year.


    Little Christmas Tree (Mjärtens) by Hørdelen (Vienna)Hørdels band The Lonely Heart’s Club Band’s Christmas song is also a perfect choice, as is the lyrics, with lots of Christmas words and references to the holidays.


    Happy New Year (Päärnski) by the L.A. Philharmonic (Los Angeles)L.A.’s The L.O.P.’s Merry Christmas is a wonderful Christmas song that will be played at every party.


    The Great Gatsby (Pål) by Björk (Stockholms)The Icelandic band’s Christmas anthem is perfect and will be heard at every family party.


    Happy Birthday (Bjørn) by Aneurin Bevan (London)Bevan’s Christmas album Happy Birthday is the ultimate Christmas anthem.


    Santa (Nur) by Bikini Kill (London & Stockholm)Bikini Kill’s Christmas track is also perfect, as the lyrics include “happiness, happiness, happiness.”


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