On Sunday, the Shaker Instrument Corporation announced that they had sold about 300 instruments with their new line of “fiber” instruments, which they call “shaker instrument” and which is also referred to as “shake.”

    This means that the instrument is made from the same plastic as the standard plastic trumpet and trumpet horn, which makes it very flexible and lightweight.

    According to the company, it is made of 100% polyester.

    It is available in five sizes, which can be ordered individually or in bundles.

    The new instrument is also available in black, grey, red, or white.

    Shaker instruments are sold in two different varieties: the “solo” and “triple-bass” varieties.

    The Solo model comes in three sizes: a standard 8-inch, a 9-inch and a 10-inch.

    The Triple Bass model comes with two 12-inch or 14-inch basses, or you can add an additional bass.

    Both the Solo and Triple Bass models come with a “Shaker-like” sound that is similar to the traditional trumpet and horn, and the “triplet” version comes with a 12-string bass.

    The “Shake” model comes as a double-bass instrument.

    The Shaker’s “Shakers” name, like the Shakers name, comes from the fact that they use a shaker-shaped cone as a sound source for their instrument.

    “When you think of the Shakes sound, the bass is what you imagine,” said David Shaker, the president of Shaker Instruments.

    “But it’s the treble that you can’t get away with in other instruments because it’s so sensitive.

    So the trebles sound like they’re playing through a small hole in the horn, but they’re actually playing through this cone.”

    The Shakers are also designed to be able to play in different positions and different settings.

    “The Shakers can play on their sides or they can play in the middle of the table, so you can play them on their side, in the center of the room or the sides of the desk,” Shaker explained.

    The company’s marketing campaign also shows that the Shakings are capable of being used in a variety of different musical settings, including as part of a band or in a concert setting.

    “With the Shake, you can bring the music of your favorite songs, jazz, rock, blues, country, classical, jazz or any genre of music to the next level,” Shakers website explains.

    “For example, you might play the Shaka Shaker while you’re performing, or just sing along to the songs you love.”

    Shaker also sells the Shaking with a set of six strings, which is designed to give the instrument a more expressive sound.

    According the company’s website, the instruments are made using a plastic “fibers,” which means that they are made from a special blend of polyester and polyurethane.

    “We believe that this blend of high-quality polyester fabric gives these instruments their unique sound,” Shakes website states.

    “They can be easily changed from their original shape to a shakier, more flexible shape for your next gig.”

    Shakers instruments can be purchased online or through their website.

    The website also has some information on how to prepare your Shaker for sale, which includes instructions on how the Shakys “shakers” can be used.

    Shakers prices for the ShAKys range from $9 to $15.00 each.

    The instrument is currently only available in white, grey and black, and it is expected that these colors will be available in the future.


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