The Texas Instruments harmonic harpooneer announced Tuesday that it will close production of all models of the new harmonic harps, a significant departure from the company’s previous approach.

    The company said it will continue to support existing instruments and the company said the change will save the company $50 million in production costs, but it will also reduce the number of instruments it makes by more than 1,100.

    The new model, called the BH-H, will be produced in two variants, the H-100 and H-101, both of which have a similar price point, the company noted.

    Harpmakers say the new models are among the best-performing harps they have ever produced.

    They also note that the new model is a great addition to the harmonic harping world, since it can be used to make larger, more expressive harps that will appeal to professionals who want to do more with a harp.

    Harmonica said it expects to produce 100,000 of the B-H harps by the end of 2019.

    The announcement comes as the United States has announced new trade restrictions on certain components, including some harps.

    The new U.S. trade restrictions are expected to impact the U.K. and Germany as well, but Harmonica has said the new restrictions will be eased in the U., where the company says it is making about 100,0000 of its new models.

    Horganica also announced on Tuesday that the company is partnering with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to expand the range of the harmonica instrument to include more instruments.

    The harmonica is a small, low-volume instrument that is designed for playing the violin, mandolin, cello, saxophone, flute, clarinet and trumpet.

    Its performance is best when it is played softly, but the harmonic instrument can also be played very loudly, so it can complement a larger ensemble.


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