In 2017, the year Amazon bought a controlling stake in music retailer Rdio, eBay’s music store inventory exploded by more than 300% to reach a record-high of more than 8.7 million items.

     In a few weeks, Amazon will launch its own music streaming service, and as of now, there are about 100 million items on eBay for sale.

    The company has already said it plans to keep its music store and catalog on the service, but with Rdio moving into its own subscription business, it’s now making the decision to open its catalog to customers.

    It’s a change from the past, where the music store was largely dominated by Apple Music and Google Music, which made the vast majority of its money from selling physical items and were heavily subsidized by Apple and Google.

    As such, the company is targeting customers who might not have a direct connection to an artist or label, or who may not have the means to purchase physical items.

    But as Amazon continues to grow its music business, its catalog of music is becoming increasingly popular.

    While Rdio is a relatively new acquisition, it has been gaining steam over the past year, as Amazon has moved into streaming music, as well as making its own record labels a more profitable business.

    In January, the music business was up by more that 3.2% in the US.

    Last month, Amazon was up 5.5% in US sales.

    The company also announced that it would open up its own streaming music service in the coming months, and that it planned to open up music listings on a weekly basis.

    And although the company’s music catalogue is already pretty extensive, it still isn’t the largest in the world.

    On the same day that Rdio’s music catalog became the largest online store, it was also up in the charts for the biggest digital album.

    Last month, Billboard listed Drake as the top-selling artist on the site, which is impressive given that Drake is only one of the top 100 artists on the planet, but the top 25 is dominated by a number of smaller artists.

    That means that even though Drake is currently the top selling artist in the chart, it isn’t even close to the top 10.

    Amazon is also moving into the digital music business with its own audio service, Amazon Prime Music, that is now available in over 200 countries.

    When it comes to music sales, Amazon has been able to outpace Apple and the Google-owned Spotify.

    In fact, Amazon’s music business is so successful that it has made its own Beats headphones, Amazon Echo devices, Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon video streaming service and Amazon Music streaming service.

    For the music industry, Amazon Music is a major boon for its catalog and helps the company retain its dominant position in the streaming market.

    However, as more and more artists and labels begin to diversify their music offerings, the industry may see a dip in sales, or a drop in revenue as the internet becomes more mainstream.

    If Amazon is successful in selling physical music items, the next step is likely to be to make it available through other platforms.

    The next major streaming service is likely going to be Spotify, which already has millions of paid subscribers.


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