By Peter SymondsThe BBC’s music programme “The World Today” will be showing a new Kora acoustic instrument at the BBC’s headquarters in Edinburgh.

    The BBC says the Kora is a “new instrument of great potential for the world’s poor”.

    The instrument is part of the BBC Scotland charity Kora, which aims to help people in need of a new tool to help them do their job.

    It has been designed to help make life easier for the poor.

    Its main instrument is a hand-held Kora.

    Its “hands” are made of plastic and have a hole in them for a finger to fit through.

    The instrument uses a special metal alloy called kora, made from a mix of copper and tin.

    Its name comes from the metal-coloured paint that covers the top of its hands.

    The paint is also known as kora.

    The metal alloy is hard and has a melting point of around 400 degrees Celsius.

    The kora’s metal alloy, kora metal, has a boiling point of about 600 degrees Celsius and a pressure of more than 15,000 millibars.

    Its pressure also makes the instrument difficult to handle.

    The problem is that, even when using a large amount of pressure, the instrument is unable to be held.

    “The metal is very brittle and if it’s being played at a very high rate, it’s quite fragile,” BBC Scotland’s director of manufacturing, Chris Burden, said.

    “This instrument is not made to be played by a young child, so it has to be used with care and it’s very difficult to use.”

    Kora has been around for about 20 years.

    It is a combination of a traditional wood and metal-coated sheet and a ceramic cup with a hole.

    It uses a steel plate and a special kind of metal alloy known as Kora to make the instrument.

    The aluminium cup has a metal centre and a metal rim.

    The Kora’s hands are made from copper and are made to hold a finger.

    It weighs about three kilograms (7 pounds) and is very hard to hold.

    Kora’s founder and director, Yoko Kubota, said she has had to learn to manage the instrument with the help of a small group of people.

    She has had difficulties with the hand being too close to the body and not being able to use a normal finger.

    “I’ve had to have the person in charge of the instrument in the room,” she said.

    Kubota says her goal is to make an instrument that people in Africa, Asia and Europe can use to help themselves and others.

    “It’s something that I’m not really sure that there is a tool that we can’t use,” she added.

    “There’s something so wonderful about the people who make it.

    It’s not just for people in this area who are poor.”

    The BBC will show the Kota on Sunday (Monday NZT) at its Edinburgh headquarters.

    The charity has been involved in education programmes for years and has developed an international network of programmes, including the Kona Music Festival.

    Kona has raised more than $7 million in funding for projects around the world.

    “They’re really important for the development of education and literacy in this part of Africa, for the people in the Koka community,” Burden said.

    The company has a team of people in India who are helping the organisation with the design and manufacture of the Kura.


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