Watch the incredible new Indian instruments sitar from a local musician who has created it using a DIY project that he describes as “barking mad”.

    It is an acoustic, acoustic, electric and wood instruments, which is used to create new sounds and effects, as well as playing a variety of sounds and sounds in a variety to the instruments playing.

    The musician, who has worked for the past five years in a studio in a nearby town, has named it the ‘Naga Sutra’ and has spent the past three years working on it with the help of his own instrument.

    It’s a piece of work that is extremely beautiful, and I hope you like it too, he said.

    I started using it in March last year, but I wasn’t sure whether I could do anything with it, so I made a few videos about how I used it, and when I saw what you guys liked I decided to try to create something of my own.

    After a few months I realised that I could create something with it and that it is very beautiful.

    This is the ‘Barking Mad’ acoustic instrument, created by a local local musician.

    Source: ABC News: Adam Smith | SoundCloud: AdamSmithMusic “I made it using just my guitar and my voice.

    That was the first time I realised I could make something with the acoustic instruments, and it’s very powerful,” he said, adding that he made it in just a few days.

    “It’s really beautiful.

    It’s also a very simple instrument, so if you can understand the music, you can make it yourself.”

    The instrument is designed to be used with traditional Indian instruments like the ‘Pranava’ or ‘Brahmadi’, which were used to play the drums, strings and strings in the traditional Indian music.

    The instrument, which can be played with a few simple techniques, can produce an amazing number of different sounds and feel like a “live instrument”, according to the musician.

    “It can be used as a live instrument, and if you want to make it sound like an electric guitar, or an acoustic guitar, it can sound really beautiful,” he explained.

    But it has a very unique sound to it.

    He said the instrument was designed with acoustic sound and it is not a typical acoustic instrument.

    “I think it’s the first instrument that I’ve created using an acoustic sound,” he told ABC Radio National.

    The sound was created with a cheap acoustic guitar and a small drum, he explained, and there are three parts to the instrument: the body is made from a piece from a small tree, a piece made from wood and a piece that’s made from an acoustic string.

    Its acoustic sound, he added, is like a drum or string that can be plugged into the instrument and used to make sounds.

    When you plug it into a guitar or piano, the instrument sounds really nice, he continued.

    You can actually make a lot of sounds with it. 

    “It sounds really beautiful, but you can actually use it like a traditional Indian instrument,” he added.

    His project has taken him a long time to build, he admits, and he admits that it has taken some time to get the right sound, but it’s not hard to do.

    So far, he has used the instrument for a couple of different types of instruments.

    For example, he’s made an acoustic bow string to play with the guitar, and a string bow to play his vocals, he told the ABC. 

    It’s been very difficult for him to make the sound the way he wanted, he admitted.

    “There’s no real way of telling how much time I spent on this,” he acknowledged.

    My project is very simple, he agreed.

    To make it, I’ve made a small video about how the instruments sounds, and then I’ve put a few things in it.

    I’ve recorded the strings and the bow and the strings, and made the strings sound really nice and then played them in a recording studio.

    Then I’ve written a few words on the instrument, that’s the whole of the recording, he noted.

    Since I’ve done all of that, I thought, well, this is it, it’s done, it works, and so I put the video up on YouTube.

    A few weeks ago I started hearing about people doing things like this, he joked.

    Now I’m able to have a little bit more control over what I’m going to use, he acknowledged, and that’s a really big thing for me.

    “This is a great experience for me, and to know that I can get my hands on an instrument that’s not just another acoustic guitar that’s being used for nothing, but to make something out of it,” he joked, before adding: “It’s awesome. I’m really


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