The editorial board of National Review, the conservative magazine founded by the late Fredrick Henry, is in full revolt over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

    In a scathing editorial titled “No Sanctuary for Criminals: A New Tax on Illegal Aliens,” the editorial board warns of a “New Tax” on illegal immigrants.

    Trump, who has promised to “build a wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border and to close the nation’s “crisis centers” that deal with immigration and terrorism, wants to raise the tax on illegal aliens to 45 percent.

    The tax, which Trump has proposed, would apply to all illegal aliens.

    The board argues that “it would put the federal government in a position of forcing Americans to pay for the wall.”

    The board argues Trump’s plan is a “huge tax on millions of Americans” and a “dangerous proposal” that would be “the height of fiscal irresponsibility” and would “put our entire country at risk.”

    Trump’s plan would impose a 15 percent tax on all income earned by undocumented immigrants, including those who are in the U-visa program.

    The tax would be imposed at a rate of 10 percent per year for the first five years and 40 percent over the next five years.

    The editorial board also argues that Trump’s tax would raise “many millions” of dollars in additional revenue.

    The money would go to fund border security, immigration enforcement and legal immigration, the board argues.

    Trump’s proposal, the editorial boards conclude, “would lead to a massive tax on American taxpayers and the loss of the nation as a whole.”

    The editorial boards response to Trump’s proposed “Wall” tax is scathing.

    “The wall is a big no-no.

    But Trump’s suggestion of a 45 percent tax will also result in a huge tax on Americans,” the board concludes.

    “The new tax on immigrants would raise millions of dollars and lead to an increase in the size of the national debt.

    Trump’s proposal would also lead to the massive loss of jobs for American workers.”

    The Republican nominee has repeatedly promised to build a “wall” on U.s-Mexico border to keep out immigrants from countries like Mexico.

    Trump has proposed a $2 billion border wall, which he claims would prevent immigrants from entering the country.

    The Trump campaign has repeatedly suggested that the wall would cost the U,S.

    more than $6 trillion over a 30-year period.


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