The top 25 best guitar instruments on Amazon US are all on the same page.

    Here’s what they are and why they’re worth the price of admission.1.

    Les Paul Standard: £29.99, Amazon UK2.

    Gibson Les Paul: £39.99.

    The only guitar I’ve used in the studio in the past year that’s more versatile than this one.

    It’s a great tool for soloing, playing in the jam and on the road.3.

    Roland TB-303: £59.99 for the basic version and £89.99 to upgrade to the higher-end model, Amazon US4.

    Yamaha Rickenbacker: £79.99 Amazon US5.

    Gibson SG-10: £99.99Amazon US6.

    Yamaha KTM-RX: £199.99£49.99/$89.49/$99.49Amazon US7.

    Gibson Strats: £159.99$169.99For a more affordable option, the Strats are one of my favourites.

    They’re great for jamming, soloing and even if you’re not playing guitar, you can use them to jam on.8.

    Boss KR-10, KR-60, KR50: £69.99 (£74.99 after tax)Amazon US9.

    Gibson Triton: £89 for the cheapest modelAmazon US10.

    Yamaha V-12: £139.999.

    Les Rose: £239.9910.

    Gibson Vox: £149.99The Vox is a classic, and its also one of the best guitar strings I’ve ever owned.

    The tone of the Vox is more open, but still maintains the feel of a classic.11.

    Fender Stratocaster: £1,699 Amazon US12.

    Gibson Fender Deluxe: £2,499 for the top model and £3,999 for the Deluxe, Amazon EU13.

    Les Deutsches Les Paul Les Paul Signature Series: £5,299Amazon US14.

    Les Walker Deluxe: The top model of the Les Walker Series is the Deluxe edition, but the Les Deufsches model is also available.

    It has more sustain, less distortion and is also more versatile, as well as having a better tone.15.

    Yamaha XTR: £599 Amazon US16.

    F-Zero X: £999 Amazon US17.

    Gibson ES-355: £749Amazon UK18.

    Fenders Les Paul Custom: £849Amazon AU19.

    Gibson Rickenbackers SG-100: £799 Amazon US20.

    Boss Rickenbass: £949 Amazon AU


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