The U.S. government is trying to use the Ukrainian crisis to get its message out about its foreign policy.

    In an effort to get the message out, the State Department on Tuesday sent a team to Kiev to meet with officials to get their impressions of the United States’ approach to the conflict, which has become a flashpoint for the Trump administration’s foreign policy as it prepares to leave the White House in early 2019.

    U.N. envoy Samantha Power, who is traveling to Ukraine, will be joined by State Department Ambassador to Ukraine Mark Toner and other top diplomats to discuss the United Nations resolution.

    But the goal of the trip, which was approved by the State and Defense departments, is not to find fault with the U.K. government, which signed a peace agreement with pro-Russian separatists in September, but rather to try to gain an understanding of how the U,S.

    and other nations could better help to resolve the conflict.

    Power said she was not involved in the trip but had met with some of the senior officials in Kiev and was confident that the U:S.

    side would be able to find common ground on how best to advance the goal that was reached.

    In the weeks since Russia annexed Crimea, the U.-Russian relationship has been strained.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has made several statements about U.s. policy toward Ukraine and has threatened to attack NATO.

    Russia denies any involvement.

    The U-S.-Russian relations have also been a source of friction for some in the Trump Administration.

    The State Department has been criticized by some Republicans for its handling of the Russia sanctions bill, which they say weakened sanctions against Russia by removing some of its restrictions.

    Power and Toner said they were not seeking to take sides on the bill, but to try and understand the views of those who are working to make a diplomatic resolution.

    They said the United Kingdom and France, two countries with longstanding ties to the U., had offered to help.

    “It’s about reaching out to those who have been marginalized and who feel that there is not a lot that we can do to help,” Power said.

    The group will also meet with representatives from Ukraine’s three largest political parties, as well as the National Endowment for Democracy, a political party that was banned by the Kremlin in 2013.

    The Ukraine crisis has been a major focus for the White Houses National Security Council, which is currently in the middle of the drafting of a policy to address the conflict and its repercussions.

    In a briefing for reporters on Tuesday, Trump said that he would sign the resolution, although he did not specify when.

    The president will also sign a memorandum of understanding to assist Ukraine in a bid to address economic and social issues that have been a top concern for Ukrainians.

    The draft memorandum includes a promise by the Ukrainian government to spend up to $1 billion on a $25 billion infrastructure program to help improve the economy, with $1.5 billion in private sector investment.

    The $25-billion plan is the largest in U. S. history, and it is part of a $60 billion package the administration has already approved to address Ukraine’s economic problems.

    “I will sign it at the end of the week,” Trump said Tuesday, adding that he was willing to take some action if it could improve the situation in Ukraine.

    “And that is something that we are very much going to try.”

    Power said the U-s-Russia relationship is complicated and has “very much been a focus” for the administration.

    She said she wanted to get to know the leaders of the three countries and get a sense of what they wanted.

    Power also said she and Toni would be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this month to discuss how the United State could work with the new leaders of Ukraine, Russia and the European Union.

    The administration also is preparing to send a team of experts to the region next month to examine what has been happening in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

    Power, in her first trip as U. N. ambassador to Ukraine since her appointment in January, will hold a briefing with the Ukrainians at a hotel in the city of Yalta, the former Soviet republic’s capital.

    Power’s office said in a statement Tuesday that the briefing would focus on “how the United Nation can help address the needs of the Ukrainian people, to prevent a return to a state of crisis, and to help restore a democratic and prosperous Ukraine.”

    A senior State Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said that Power’s team will not meet with the leaders, but will focus on working with them on what they are seeking from the U.: a common approach on the conflict resolution.

    Power will also attend a meeting of the U;S.-Ukraine Economic and Trade Council on Wednesday, according to the State.

    The official said the State team will visit Ukraine “in the near future” and will be in


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