The first time I built an ERHUs, I did it on the cheap, with a few cheap tools.

    In the following years, I have become more skilled at it, but I still haven’t been able to replicate it.

    Today, I am happy to announce that I have made it.

    The first two ERHVs I built were a single piece of steel and a plastic box.

    But the final ERHV, a six-piece system, was constructed of stainless steel, plastic, and PVC.

    In this article, I will show you how I built and tested my ERHu.

    You will need a couple of basic tools, but don’t worry about them, because you will need to build your own ERHuy to begin with.

    In short, the ERHue is not for beginners.

    You can build your ERHuf on the computer or by hand, but the ERHu will be more than capable of making your own instruments.

    The ERHudu is a modular, compact instrument.

    It consists of two parts, a base and an antenna.

    A simple schematic diagram of the ERhue can be found here.

    This ERHui is a five-string ERHub and it has a three-octave tuning range.

    The tuning range is between 0 and 6.

    It also has a 10-position selector.

    When you open the ERhu, you will see a three meter antenna on the back of the instrument.

    The antenna can be connected to a 3.3V power source.

    It is made from a solid aluminum sheet that is attached to a flexible PVC tube.

    The tube has a spring loaded handle.

    The main body of the tube has three holes, with one on the end and two on the other end.

    The four holes can be opened to allow a small speaker to be inserted.

    A plastic box is placed on top of the two-hole antenna.

    The speaker can be easily inserted into the speaker hole.

    The two antennas are connected by an arm.

    This arm can be used to pull up the main body and to move the antenna.

    This is how you open a piece of the arm.

    The earpiece is mounted on the arm and has a small knob on the side.

    It can be pulled up to turn on the microphone.

    The rest of the main assembly is connected by wires.

    The ears have two holes.

    The bottom earpiece can be pushed into the ear hole.

    It has a ring-like piece on the top that will fit over the speaker.

    A large rubber band is placed over the ear, and it can be gently pulled down.

    The small antenna has two holes in the center.

    You need to remove the ring.

    This can be done by simply using a small hammer to push the antenna up.

    The remaining part of the earpiece (the speaker hole) has two openings.

    This allows you to plug in a USB soundcard and play some music.

    There are three different ways to insert the USB sound card into the sound card.

    You have three choices: One way is to push a plastic plug into the end of the antenna, which is then pushed into a USB cable, which has a plug for the ear piece, and a plug that will plug into a computer.

    The other two are to connect the USB cable to the back and to push it into the hole on the bottom.

    The third way is through a slot on the right side of the microphone housing, but this requires an additional pair of wires.

    One wire connects to the microphone jack on the ear and the other to a connector on the front of the soundcard.

    You then connect the sound and the microphone to a USB port on your computer.

    It’s important to note that the sound will not work unless the sound is connected to an external soundcard, which in my case was the Yamaha P1.

    This soundcard worked fine, but you will also need a soundcard to play music.

    You must connect the audio to a microphone jack or headphones, and then plug the sound into a sound card with an external USB port.

    The second part of my ERHu, the microphone, is connected directly to the USB port with a 3V power supply.

    This was also very simple.

    The microphone has a switch that can be adjusted to have the microphone switch on or off.

    It works very well.

    I could do a lot of other things with it, so it is not an essential part of this ERHuit, but it is useful for connecting an external microphone to an ERhu.

    The Erhu is not a good choice for a portable microphone, because it is too loud and has too much distortion.

    This part of our ERHuu is a six string ERHube.

    I also designed it with a small tuning range, so I have a choice of a 5 or a 7.

    I like the 5 because it has more sustain and has more bass.

    The 7 has more low end, but there is less high end


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